I Loved Chilli Growing

Chilli Rich with a green cayenne chilli plant

Passion For Chillies

The Little Green Men chilli business grew very quickly. In retrospect I believe it was because of the passion I had for my plants, my chillies and my products.

Overnight Success

I learnt a little about chillies every day – it was my growing hobby. The jump into larger scale production was a steep learning curve. I dived into a river of media attention, and just went for it. I was established very quickly.

Chilli Expert?

After a period of commercial growing, I looked back on my journey. My specialist chilli knowledge was incrementing day-on-day. Then, one day someone mentioned to me that I was an expert. I brushed it off with a laughable comment, but, when I looked back, when I started to observe myself talk to customers: on the stage at shows, on the radio, on TV; when I realised I was one telling the celebrity and Michelin starred chefs new and valuable information about chillies, I did begin to wonder – was I an expert?

Maybe. I was less bothered about being an expert and more bothered about enjoying my hobby turned into a career – it was a bit of a dream come true really.

Dream Job

The thing about dreams is that at some point, you must wake up…

My dream was wiped-out in the recession. There is not a day goes by when I do not think about the incredible adventure I had, the people I met and what could have been…

Will I return? – maybe one day!

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