Chilli Rich from Little Green Men Chilli Lancashire holding a karai pan full of chilis in his chilliman makeup, green chilli hair and chefs outfit
Rich The Chilliman carrying chillies in a Karai pan

Chilli, chili or chile? All spellings are good and from a handful of seeds and dirt I built a chilli empire out of my chilli growing hobby.

I grasped every opportunity to educate people, shout about my love for chillies and my chilli products.

Like Jack and the Chili Beanstalk my business grew out of all proportion.


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Chilli Recipe

I used my digital and social media skills to highly rank chilli growing and chilli cooking videos on the internet and social media.

With PR and help from the media, I was propelled into a river of media attention. I grabbed it with both hands and loved every minute of it.


Chilli Adventure

I found myself talking about chillies, chili products and chili cooking in the company of celebrity chefs and all over the TV, radio, newspapers and magazines.


Chili Champion

As a champion of local producers, I was voted into the UKTV Local Food Hero competition, and progressed to the finals.


Chilli TV

I had my own documentary filmed on ITV1 ‘My North West’, the BBC came to visit and film – I was star of the major TV channels, radio, magazines, newspapers and broadsheets.


Chilli Rich from Little Green Men Chilli at a chili event cooking up a storm
Chili Rich playing to the crowds at Southport Flower Show

Chilli Events

I was billed alongside celebrity chefs at food events up and down the country. I featured on ITV1’s  Britain’s Best Dish and was very keen to hear about the health benefits of chillies and chili products.


Chile Stardom

I was invited to the F-Word final with Gordon Ramsay alongside a host of celebrity guests and lived a truly starstruck chili lifestyle.


Chili Products

I developed chili products that spanned many food categories from chili con carne, chili sauce to many a chile recipe or chili product that would go in a chilly bottle. My products were revered by some of the highest chefs in the land.


Chilli Luxury Foods

My reward, was being ranked in the top 4 for luxury foods in the UK, by The Independent, alongside some stunning reviews and biographies in the media, for which I remain eternally grateful.


Chilli Rich from LIttle Green Men Chilli holding a chili looking through some chile plants
Chili Rich from Little Green Men Chili inspecting his chili crop

Listen To The Story Of My Chili Adventure

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  • Every one of you has the potential to succeed too – claim it for yourself.
  • My chili story is one of a meteoric rise which saw expansion from growing on my windowsill to one of the country’s largest chili growers and artisan chili product retailers.
  • Maybe the lessons from my journey could be the solution to your business, media and personal ambitions.


Chilli Food and Chili Growing

Everything stemmed from my love for chillies. I grew over 100 chili varieties. I turned them into food products and gave chili cooking demonstrations and chili talks at events nationwide.


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So, let’s talk a little about chili foods.


Chilli Con Carne Recipe

The Hairy Bikers Chilli Con Carne is very popular I believe. The Hairy Bikers were a couple of real fun guys to meet on the food events circuit. We met many times. I even ended up on stage with them at the number 1 food event in the annual calendar: The BBC Good Food Show at the NEC in Birmingham.


The Chili Man’s Chili Con Carne Recipe

If you came looking for a chili con carne recipe, I’m afraid mine is a closely guarded secret that I may release to you at future chili event.


Chilli Sauce or Chilly Bottle

If you came looking for chilli sauce, or is it chili sauce? or chile sauce? They all come in a chilly bottle, and yes I will be releasing some chili sauce, and maybe a chili jam, chilli chutney, and possibly some chilli chocolate again.


Crispy Honey Chilli Potatoes – So Easy To Make At Home!

People eat these crispy honey chili potatoes straight from the wok! There are some great recipes out there for this tasty chili snack. Sweet and heat always work well together.


Marks And Spencer Has Brought Back Its Sweet Chilli Camembert

Yes, I did chilli cheese – several chili heat variations and chilli variety flavours of chili cheese. So, I am always very keen to hear about new variations in chile cheese production. The creamy, smooth cheese and the heat always worked well together.


Slow Cooker Cream Cheese Crack Chicken Chili

The recipes for this dish go down well. If you are looking for chili slow cooker recipe then this is good place to start.


You Said Chili and Chile

The spelling varies across the internet and you may have noticed that I have used them all in this article as a nod to all varieties of the spelling of chili or chile. If you look hard enough you can find chilis everywhere from food delivery to film. You can find dishes spelled chili con carne, and even the spelling of the country Chile is used to describe a chile sauce or a chile recipe.