Little Green Men Chilli

Chilli Rich from Little Green Men Chilli Lancashire holding a karai pan full of chilis in his chilliman makeup, green chilli hair and chefs outfit
Rich The Chilliman carrying chillies in a Karai pan

Little Green Men Chilli Lancashire is the home of chillies or chilis or chiles – the spelling depends on where you originate from.


Little Green Men Chilli Rich – The Chilliman

Chilli Rich Alker from Little Green Men Chilli giving Applause to Keyworkers and NHS by RK Alker Children's Author Cook Grower Food Evangelist 999 Emergency Ambulance 999
The Chilliman, RK Alker Children’s Author & 999 Emergency Ambulanceman from Ecky-Thump Digital fully supports the efforts of every single person from every walk of life in the battle against COVID-19 Coronavirus.

Chilli Rich (me) originates from Lancashire and this is where I turned my chilli growing hobby into an unusually popular chilli business. If I had been abducted by aliens I could not have gone much higher because the chilli growing and artisan chilli product making went stratospheric almost overnight.


Passion for Chilli Growing

I followed my heart. I engaged my passion for chilli growing and the result was spectacular growth and a star-studded career in TV and Radio in the company of the top chefs in the land.

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Chilli Rich from Little Green Men Chilli cooking in his giant paella chilli panChilli Events and Public Speaking

I have a compelling story to tell. It’s not quite Jack and The Beanstalk, but from a handful of chilli seeds and dirt I grew a business, that even to this day, amazes and inspires me.

The journey I undertook, the adventure and the people that I met still blow my mind.

If you are one of the people that helped me along the way, then thank you, it was, for the most part, the most incredible vocational period of my life.

Listen to my story.

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Chilli Rich is also R.K. Alker Children’s Author and a master of The Ancient Lancastrian Art of Ecky Thump.

Little Green Men

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