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I Had A Chilli Dream
I loved what I was doing, and that's how it began. I took my idea and ran with it, and from a handful of seeds'n'dirt my chilli growing hobby literally grew out of all proportion.

Little Green Men
My passion for growing chillies snowballed into a massive Little Green Men Lancashire Chilli Farm and an amazing business suppying fresh chillies and making and selling chilli products with my local producer friends up and down the country.

The bonus was the people I met on my amazing journey and the involvement with the media and celebrity chefs. Events, TV, Radio, Newspapers and Magazines made it all incredibly exciting, and I have precious memories that I will always cherish.

Chilli Adventure
I was once quoted as saying 'be careful what you wish for - you might just get it!' ...and I did, and what stories I have to tell - I had a most incredible adventure!

Book The ChilliMan For Your Event
I became a TV presenter and have a wealth of media experience and I am still available for paid event work, talks and demonstrations.

Investors and Consultancy
I am available for consultancy work, and if you want the land, or the growing facility, or the production facility, or the distribution network, I have done it before, and I could do it again, for you.

Via Con Dios
Chilli Rich

i loved this job

From an enthusiastic hobby, growing became a way of life for me.

the little green man and his great big pan

I also enjoyed cooking and demonstrating at small and very large national events. I am still available for bookings and consultancy work.
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